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Keeping up with the events at the school is important for all students and parents. The Harry Ainlay School Calendar (above) provides the dates for all major events scheduled throughout the year at the school. The Edmonton Public Schools Calendar will list all events at a district level as well as calendars for the next few years. 2014-15 and 2015-16

The Harry Ainlay School Calendar shows school opening dates, all holidays and school closing dates to assist students and parents in long-range planning.


Parents sometimes choose to take students out of school for extended periods such as vacations, visits to relatives, assistance to the family and so on. In such situations, the school does not grant permission for the absence. Parents/guardians must accept full responsibility for the detrimental effects of the absence. Regular class attendance is important to achievement.

If an absence is planned during the school year, the student or parent should let both the assistant principal and the various subject teachers know well in advance of the absence. The teacher will advise the student of what schoolwork will be covered during the absence. Teachers may give guidance and assignments that will reduce the negative effects of the absence. Please note that that in virtually all situations, lengthy absences will have a detrimental effect on achievement.

Parents are required to complete the Request for Special Circumstances Form if student absences are to occur during the January or June exam periods. Each case will be reviewed carefully to determine whether or not the request will be granted. Please avoid such absences! Contact the school administration if you have any questions.