Diploma Assistance

Alberta Education – Preparing for Diploma Exams

Alberta Education’s website is your first stop for information regarding provincial examinations. The page includes:

  • Exam guides for students
  • Previous diploma exams and keys
  • Rewrite fees for diploma exams
  • General information for students

Alberta Exam Bank

Alberta Exam Bank is an online study tool designed specifically to help Alberta students assess themselves as they progress throughout the year and prepare for their end of term exams. Students can practice sample tests in the subject area they wish.  They can even choose to concentrate on just an individual unit in a course if they prefer.  When a test is completed, it is automatically marked for the student so they can immediately see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Accounts start at $15, providing access to write up to 40 practice exams in any subject area or grade, and can be used by more than one child.

Study Skills and Learning Strategies Links

Study Guides and Strategies
Joe Landsberger has researched, authored, maintained and supported  �
the Study Guides Web site as an independent educational public service.

Exam Preparation and Strategies
Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia provides you with
a selection of online resources to help you prepare for examinations.