General Information

Senior high school English Language Arts is intended to enable students to understand and appreciate language, and to use language confidently and competently to become self-reliant thinkers, communicators, and lifelong learners.  High school English courses in Alberta focus on six language components: reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing, with emphasis on reading and writing. Throughout the course, students will engage with the general outcomes of the curriculum:

  • Explore thoughts, ideas, emotions, and experiences
  • Comprehend literature and other texts in oral, print, visual, and multimedia forms, and respond personally, critically, and creatively
  • Manage ideas and information
  • Create oral, print, visual and multimedia texts, and enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
  • Respect, support, and collaborate effectively with others


Please see the Detailed Course Description Booklet 2015-2016 for detailed information on our English courses.