General Information

The mathematics program at Harry Ainlay provides all students with a strong foundation of knowledge, processes, and problem solving strategies. The progressions through the courses offered at Harry Ainlay are shown in the following diagram.

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Many post-secondary programs have minimum mathematics requirements so it is important that students select the right sequence for their post-secondary needs.

  • Mathematics 30-1 is currently being accepted for admission to post-secondary institutions for programs that have algebra and calculus requirements (i.e. Science, Engineering, and some Business Degree programs).
  • Mathematics 30-2 is currently being accepted to several post-secondary institutions for programs that do not require calculus (i.e. Arts, Nursing, and Commerce Degree programs).
  • Mathematics 30-3 is designed for students that are planning to enter the work force and/or pursue an Apprenticeship Program (where Math 30-2 is not required).


For assistance in the selection of the most appropriate sequence of courses, visit or speak with a counselor in Student Services at Harry Ainlay High School.

For complete details on post-secondary acceptance of mathematics, visit the Alberta Education website or check with Student Services at Harry Ainlay High School.

Harry Ainlay High School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) site for mathematics. For specific information on the IB Mathematics program, visit IB Math Site for Harry Ainlay.

In addition, there are opportunities for all students to become involved in national and international math contests and competitions.


The diploma exams in Mathematics 30-1 and Mathematics 30-2 require students to have a graphing calculator. We recommend that students in these mathematics streams also have a graphing calculator in Grades 10 and 11 so that they have the opportunity to become proficient in its use. Graphing calculators must be on Alberta Education’s approved list. Check their website or with your teacher for recommendations.

Additional Resources

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