Other Courses


The objective of the 3-credit courses in Psychology is to expose students to this fascinating field of study. Each Psychology course will touch a variety of topics that are studied and researched by practicing psychologists. Textbooks, videos, supplemental resources and articles are used to enhance the study of problems and conditions related to Psychology. Both courses provide students with a better understanding of human behavior and will help to improve personal self-awareness.

General Psychology 20

3 Credits • No prerequisite

This course deals with the study of abnormal psychology and how this applies/relates to adolescence. The course also explores some of the treatments and therapeutic approaches used in the helping professions. Time will be spent focusing on the problems and issues of adolescence in addition to a study of the basic learning principles that guide behavior. How information is acquired, stored and retrieved, and memory function will also be part of the curriculum. Videos and Hollywood movies will supplement the text and other outside sources may be shared to enhance discussion. To enhance the learning environment it is essential the students be willing to participate in group discussions, activities and presentations. Throughout the semester there will be a variety of presentations, debates, textbook work and library research assignments on topics related to the field of Psychology.

Personal Psychology

3 Credits • No prerequisite

This course deals with the social science of psychology with a particular focus on the psychological development of the individual. Students will examine different theories of personality development, study the intricacies of the brain, investigate theories of intelligence as well as explore how environment impacts human behavior. The textbook, videos, as well as articles from journals and newspapers will be used to enhance the learning of course content and to encourage discussions. Learners will complete group presentations, debates, textbook work and library research assignments on topics related to the field of Psychology.


Team Leadership 15, 25, 35

5 Credits • No prerequisite

T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) Leadership is a five-credit full-year course available to students who are interested in learning about and developing leadership skills. Grade 10 students register for Leadership 15; Grade 11 students register for Leadership 25; Grade 12 students register for Leadership 35..

NOTE: Since no prerequisite is required, a student may take leadership all three years.

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for these courses:

  • Have a minimum 65% average and no mark below 50%
  • Have an exemplary attendance record
  • Complete forms which include a field trip permission form and an application form

Forms will be available at the first leadership meeting in September.

The following units provide the basic framework for this course:

  • Servant Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Leadership
  • Intrapersonal/Interpersonal Management
  • Analyse and Resolve Practical Problems

Students will attend seven seminars over the course of the year (two full-day field trips, two Saturdays and three after-school), attend a monthly meeting with their teacher-coordinator, complete three projects and complete 25 hours of volunteering. Practical experience, in school leadership activities (Awards Board, clubs, tournaments, Student Council, Grad Council, etc.) or in community leadership activities (coaching, volunteering, etc.) through their projects and volunteering, offer students realistic opportunities to practice and develop the leadership skills they are learning in the seminars.