General Information

The science programs at Harry Ainlay present logical, consistent, and internationally accepted methods of investigating, describing, and explaining the world around us. The biology, chemistry, physics, and science programs deal with the natural world (science) and also with man-made products and processes (technology). Student evaluation will focus on mastery of the scientific concepts, the development of acceptable laboratory skills and the understanding of the nature of science and science-technology-society interactions. The goal of these science programs is to provide the student with sufficient background to make meaningful decisions in a society which is progressively more dependent on science and technology.

All Harry Ainlay science courses are centered around four general learner expectations:

  • Attitudes: an enthusiasm for, and a continuing interest in science
  • Knowledge: an understanding of the fundamental concepts of science
  • Skills: scientific inquiry and appropriate use of technology
  • Science, technology and society (STS) connections: how scientific knowledge develops, solving problems and making choices.

In addition, there are opportunities to become involved in national and international science contests and competitions.

Please see the Detailed Course Description Booklet 2015-2016 for detailed information on our Science courses.